God Has a Heart For Them

Did you know that 1 in every 4 children are raised in single parent homes in the US alone? That’s millions of children, raised, by one parent. Within that statistic, 80% are single moms. When you look at the statistics of broken hearts that fill prison cells, a majority of those are raised by single parents. Lost. Hurting. In pain. Struggling. Without hope.

Unwavering Grace Ministry was birthed to serve the single parent home and shed light to the modern church on a nationwide (also global) pandemic that is plaguing homes all over – single parenting and a majority of those, absent from the church. UWG is called to give The Hope of God when times seem hopeless. To bring Hope back to the home For Christ, From Christ, To Christ, Through Christ.

Healing + Restoration.

UWG desires to bring the heart of God’s people to be more attentive to the single parent pandemic we face in our day and age. When you look around your church, how many single parents do you see in the pews? How many of them do you see their lives changed? What about their children? What about in your neighborhood, at your work, in your school? How many of those children are being led by parents who don’t live for Christ or they do live for the Lord and wander around feeling empty still.

How easy it is for us to overlook this insurmountable need in so many lives; though not intentional.

As a single mom of almost 15 years, I have experienced the hardship of walking in and out of church – unnoticed. I was saved 12 years ago (2021) out of a drug dealing and addiction lifestyle, only to be delivered into the emptiest and loneliest feelings I could ever feel. I wept the tears alone, struggled through suffering in the night by myself with only God by my side. Missed the opportunities, retreats, studies at church due to financial constraints, lack of childcare or just feeling like an outcast and not enough.

I was new to my walk with God so I was still learning how to live for the God who was and is my all sufficiency. No one could or can touch me, hold me, carry me, love me, fulfill me, guide me, direct me, speak to me like My God can. But I lacked the ability to stand in a church for a very long time and feel welcomed all due to not understanding the gospel in it’s entirety of how much God truly loved me.

As followers of Christ, I believe more now than ever, we need to bring single parent homes back to part of the heart of our focus in the church. God is a Father to the Fatherless. He called on the body to be servants to those who are widowed and children that go without an earthly Father.

God has a Heart for them. He’s given me a burden. He’s birthed ministry to bring them into His Heart. If you know a single parent, please forward them a message of hope. I see you, God sees you, let’s journey.

To any single parent reading this. I love you. I see you. I care for you. I stand in the frontline of war for you. I am here to stand along side you and take back the land the enemy has stolen from you.


“Father of the fatherless and protector of widows
    is God in his holy habitation.” Psalm 68:5.

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God Has a Heart For Them

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