I remember so clearly the feeling, the pain from the blisters on my hands by my thumbs. Recently, while I was working one day, I recalled a season in my life where lack was a continual part of our every day; literally, lack, I cannot even emphasize this word enough. Lack in material but not […]


We can so often get caught up in focusing on our circumstances and asking God to change them (rather quickly please, God) than being more apt to open our hearts and humbly ask God, whatever it takes, change me in this process. Teach me what it is you’re trying to show me and change who […]

Being Refined

He sees you mama. You’re the Breadwinner. Breadbaker. Breadserver. Your sweat and tears poor over. The exhaustion is suffocating. The torment of the mind that you’re not enough for your children runs rampant. You feel unworthy. Unloved. Forgotten. You feel as though you’re looked over and unnoticed. He sees you. He sees your heart mama. […]

He Sees You

Did you know that 1 in every 4 children are raised in single parent homes in the US alone? That’s millions of children, raised, by one parent. Within that statistic, 80% are single moms. When you look at the statistics of broken hearts that fill prison cells, a majority of those are raised by single […]

God Has a Heart For Them